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Can I provide a safe, caring and flexible environment for youth in need of a home?

Am I open to receiving FREE training and support to care for children or teens by highly qualified staff?

Do I have the love, flexibility and patience to support a foster youth with a goal of returning to their family when safely possible?

Am I prepared to work with a variety of youth who have been impacted by trauma?

Am I willing to continually learn and embrace new parenting techniques to best meet a child’s needs?

We're building strong families and communities. Join us!

Everything we do at SAFY is rooted in the belief that communities are interconnected. When children and teens grow up in nurturing homes, the family unit is stronger, which makes our community stronger. Strong families are the fabric of communities that prosper – where people feel safe, have opportunities and want to lay down roots. When our youth thrive and achieve their full potential, so does our society. Your donation, no matter how big or small generates a huge impact in the lives of the families and youth we serve, and ultimately creates neighborhoods where we all can live, work, and grow. Here’s how your gift can help: