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Supporting Foster Parents & Children in Foster Care with Aubrey Sullivan

The Louder than Silence podcast invites SAFY’s own Aubrey Sullivan, LPCC, ATR from our Clinical Innovations & Technology team for a discussion around supporting children in the foster care system, preventing child abuse, who should consider being a foster parent, and resources for foster parents.

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November 16, 2021

What Are Post-Adoption Services And Why Do Parents Need Them?

November is National Adoption month, a time set aside to raise awareness about the urgent need for adoptive families for children and youth experiencing foster care. SAFY of Indiana’s Adoption Services Coordinator Shalesta Peterson recently sat down with the Honestly Adoption Podcast crew to not only talk about the need for adoptive parents, but to discuss the resources, support and trainings available to families after they adopt.

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November 11, 2021

Why Diversity and Inclusion is Important for Nonprofit Leaders & Management

SAFY’s own Veronica Farris, MBA, Chief of Business Development and Marketing, speaks with Stephen Halasnik from Financing Solutions, Nonprofit MBA podcast about why diversity and inclusion is important for nonprofit leaders and management. Veronica shares her perspective about the need for representation in the executive ranks of nonprofits.

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October 8, 2021

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National Back To School Month

August is National Back To School month! This episode, we welcome Resident Mental Health expert and Treatment Director for outpatient Behavioral Health services, Judith Lester, LISW-S, Registered Play Therapist, Advanced Certified Trauma Practitioner. Tune in as we dive into prioritizing mental health and how parents can help their children thrive in the new school year.

August 3, 2021

Giving Connected

Giving Connected invites SAFY’s Empowering Families Network Exceutive Director, Keonte Jenkins-Davis, LMSW, to talk about all the wonderful ways we strive to strengthen families and communities through therapeutic foster care, behavioral health, adoption, family preservation, and older youth services. 

August 3, 2021
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Foster Care: An Unparalleled Journey

SAFY’s Chief of Clinical Innovation and Technology, Ryann Vernetson MA, LPC joins Foster Care Nation to talk about what children and parents really need throughout the foster care system. Take a listen to dive right into all the things that are often overlooked in the foster care system.

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August 1, 2021

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SAFY Voices E3: Foster With Pride

Kelly Hackworth, SAFY’s Director of Communications, is joined by Samantha Hasty, SAFY Foster Parent Recruiter and SAFY Treatment Director, Melissa Barber to discuss the unique strengths and need for LGBTQ+ foster families.

June 22, 2021

SAFY Voices E2: Foster Parent, Jeff Crawford

Kelly Hackworth, SAFY’s Director of Communications, is joined by Jeff Crawford, one of SAFY’s national board members and a foster dad himself to celebrate May as National Foster Care Month. Click to read his special story and follow along!

May 20, 2021

SAFY Voices E1: Black Family Table Talk Featuring SAFY of Nevada Executive Director, Valerie Hicks

It takes a village to raise a child. There are a disproportionate number of Black youth in the foster care child welfare system. Black Family Table Talk invites SAFY of Nevada’s Executive Director, Valerie Hicks to talk about how SAFY is working hard to strengthen Black youth and Black families. 

April 27, 2021

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