Purposeful Parenting

SAFY Celebrates Purposeful Parenting Month

Purposeful parenting encourages active and engaged parenting to build strong families

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services slated July as Purposeful Parenting Month. The summer month seems a perfect time to practice purposeful parenting, when families are together more frequently during summer break from school.

Purposeful parenting is all about being an active and engaged parent to build strong, positive and functional families. Some childcare experts equate purposeful parenting with positive parenting techniques. Television personality Dr. Phil McGraw even weighs in with his seven tools for purposeful parenting.

As part of SAFY’s mission to preserve families and secure futures, we offer some purposeful parenting suggestions to our network of foster families and therapeutic foster parents.

  • Engage your child in open discussions and define goals for their success based on their strengths, interests and abilities.
  • Let your child know what to expect. Define clear expectations of their behavior, chores, interactions with others and household rules.
  • Give your child a voice. From establishing goals and boundaries to negotiating disputes, giving your child a position within the family lets them know their opinions and views are important…and heard.
  • Be consistent. Sticking to the rules can be a deterrent from future bad behavior. This doesn’t mean you have to be rigid or not allow for spontaneity, but having boundaries, from a consistent bedtime to consequences for bad behavior, sets realistic expectations and outcomes.
  • Practice what you preach. Don’t expect from your children what you are unable to do yourself.
  • Be present. When you are together, be engaged with your kids. Even if it’s only a small amount of time each day, make the time to give your kids your undivided attention every day.

Everyone at SAFY wishes you and your family a happy summer and a pleasant Purposeful Parenting Month!

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