Adoption Month

SAFY Celebrates National Adoption Awareness Month

National Adoption Awareness Month is a nationwide initiative of the Children’s Bureau with a goal to increase awareness and bring attention to the need for permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. foster care system. 

For over two decades, National Adoption Awareness Month has been promoted every November. Proclaimed in 1984 by President Ronald Reagan, in 1995 President Bill Clinton signed Proclamation 6846 dedicating the entire month of November to adoption awareness. Many national, State and local agencies as well as foster, kinship care and adoptive family groups help spread the word through programs, events and activities that help raise awareness for thousands of children and youth in foster care who are waiting for permanent, loving families.

At SAFY, we strive to make every month about awareness for children and youth by working within our communities to increase the number of families willing to consider opening their hearts to foster care with the intention of reunification or adoption. Our goal at SAFY through our unique Model of Care is to lead the way in improving the safety and well-being of families, children and communities. Through our adoption services, therapeutic foster care, family preservation and reunification, older youth services and behavioral health, SAFY has helped over 15,000 families.

SAFY focuses on ensuring each child’s physical and emotional safety and facilitating a return to their family or another permanency option. There are times when a child or youth cannot return to their biological family, though, and that’s where SAFY provides support and placement for children and youth who need a healthy and stable family. Our mission at SAFY is to provide a blueprint to the adoptive process and support an adoptive parent in laying the foundation to building a forever family.

We assist foster parents and prospective adoptive parents who desire to adopt and offer post-adoption services that will provide support as families begin to build their new life as a family. Some children display behavioral and emotional challenges post being adopted. Therefore, it’s important that SAFY provides the resources needed to help families weather any potential challenges and remain a forever family.

Although November is dedicated to raising awareness for children and youth in the foster care system who need forever families, each month SAFY strives to educate and highlight the importance of identifying well-prepared and committed families for thousands of children and youth in care. We encourage you to join SAFY on this journey as every child deserves a safe, loving and permanent family. This is part of our proactive, dedicated and constant mission.

If becoming a foster or foster to adopt parent is something that you’ve thought about, but you’re unsure if it’s right for you, take our short quiz. You can also contact us anytime!

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