Helping Youth Experiencing Foster Care Have Loving Homes This Holiday Season and Throughout The Year

“Home for the holidays” is a phrase that brings up images of nostalgia, warm holiday decorations, and families gathered around a cozy fire.

It’s warm and fuzzy, and an experience that all children deserve to have.

As we approach the 2021 holiday season, the need for loving foster families to open their homes to youth experiencing foster care has never been greater. Across the country, agencies are seeing increasing numbers of youth who through no fault of their own need a temporary foster home to care for them while their biological family heals and overcomes challenges.

So, whether you are already a foster parent, interested in learning more about fostering, or just want to support youth experiencing foster care, here are ways you can help.


Already a foster parent? Consider fostering sibling groups, teens, and LGBTQ+ youth.

There is always a need for foster families to care for sibling groups, teens, and LGBTQ+ youth.

The sad reality is that there are misconceptions that often lead to foster families being reluctant to care for youth such as these, making them statistically more hard-to-place. But the truth is we hear time and time again from foster families how much JOY comes from caring for youth of all kinds.

  • Sibling groups arrive with already formed bonds, and keeping them together has a huge impact on their long-term outcomes.
  • Teens are naturally looking for a loving adult to provide structure and guidance, and
  • LGBTQ+ youth need a safe environment where they can truly be accepted for who they are.


Interested in fostering? Learn more and sign up for a training.

Who makes a great foster parent? Really, anyone with a heart for kids and youth!

SAFY is looking for foster families from two-parent homes, single parent homes, same-sex couples, retirees and more.

You can take our Foster Parent Assessment to see if fostering is right for you. While the process to become a licensed foster home varies by state, it typically includes training, passing a background check and undergoing a home study.


Want to help youth experiencing foster care? Become a Builder of Hope.

Anyone can make a practical impact in the lives of youth experiencing foster care by donating to our 2021 Builders of Hope Campaign. Every dollar donated goes to ensure all youth experiencing foster care have the same opportunities and experiences that all children deserve. Your donations will help fund camps, extracurricular activities, transportation expenses, holiday gifts for families and more.

And anyone who donates $50 or more will receive our adorable Rezi Bear, a polar bear that symbolizes inner strength and resilience. You can keep this bear for yourself or a loved one or donate it to a youth experiencing foster care.


After all, children deserve a loving, safe home not just for the holidays, but throughout the entire year. Thank you for helping SAFY achieve our mission of Preserving Families and Securing Futures.