Back to school tips

Back to School Tips for Parents, Foster Parents and Caregivers

As soon as the calendar flips to August, you can practically hear the wheels of the bus go round and round as children begin to head back to school. Each school year brings with it new possibilities and opportunities for growth. It’s also a time of year that can be challenging for children and parents as they adjust to a new daily routine, classes and homework. Learn some tips to make the process of getting back-to-school ready easier for you and your elementary, middle and high school age students.

Elementary school age

There are few places as engaging and exciting as an elementary school classroom! Young students are just starting to learn about the world and discover what they are most interested in learning about. Here are some tips to help your young learners thrive in the classroom:

  • Get kids excited when you give them choices. Let them pick out their outfit each day (within reason) and choose which fruit to take in their lunchbox.
  • Read to (or with) them every night to help with their emotional and cognitive development as well as support their self-esteem.
  • Establish a regular routine in advance of the new school year — one that involves both time for play and sleep.

Middle school age

Middle schoolers are often in their own personal transition, from childhood to their teenage years. School can add stress to this already stressful period in their adolescence. Here are some tips to keep your middle schoolers engaged in the classroom:

  • Take family field trips to local attractions such as a museum or cultural center to provide additional educational opportunities.
  • Encourage your child to find a stress-reduction activity they like. They can join a sports team or even give meditation a try.
  • Talk to your kids about bullying and the different forms it can take, such as cyberbullying.

High school age

Older youth may experience the hardest transition of all school age children, as they strike a delicate balance between the demands of their classes and the lure of friends or even the pull of peer pressure. Here are some tips to help high school youth transition into the school year:

  • Ensure your teenagers have a healthy diet and exercise. Try cooking a healthy dinner together and then go for an evening jog as a family.
  • Talk to your child about which extracurricular activities appeal most to them. They can discover a passion and become a more well-rounded applicant for college.
  • Stay involved in your child’s life. Ask them how their day was and really listen to their responses.

Ease the school year transition with SAFY

SAFY works with families to ensure success across all areas of life — in school, at home and during the day-to-day. We work with students, parents and schools to help ease the transition from summer into the new school year. Contact us at any time to get started!

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