What We Do

SAFY’s Model of Care works with families across service systems to enhance their capacity to care for and protect their children. Focusing on safety and needs within families in their communities, we build on each individual’s strengths to achieve positive, lasting change.

Adoptive ServicesTherapeutic Foster CareFamily Family Preservation & ReunificationBehavioral HealthOlder Youth Services

Adoptive Services

When children in out-of-home care cannot be safely reunited with their birth families, SAFY provides services and support to match them to adoptive homes. Remaining mindful of their special needs, our services are designed to find the best home for a child focusing first on their ties to family, then reaching out into communities in which children live. SAFY also provides supportive services to ensure post-adoption success. Click to learn more >

Therapeutic Foster Care

SAFY Therapeutic Foster Care (TFC) or treatment foster care places youth in need of treatment-level care in a supportive, family environment. Our services focus on permanency, safety and well-being for both youth and parents, providing a therapeutic level of care that addresses trauma healing, parental skill building, success in school and coping skills. Our goal is to ensure each child’s physical and emotional safety and facilitate their return to their family or another permanency option. Click to learn more >

Family Preservation & Reunification

SAFY Family Preservation services allow children at risk of abuse and neglect to reside safely with their families as an alternative to foster care. Short-term services including care coordination, parental development and counseling are provided to ensure safety and stability within the home. When children must be removed from the family, our Reunification services address the issues that brought the child and family into care. Our goal is to return the child to a stable family setting as soon as possible. Click to learn more >

Behavioral Health

We offer in-home and community-based behavioral health services including individual and family therapy, screening, assessment, medication management, and substance abuse services designed to preserve the family unit and increase health and well-being. Our goal is to empower all individuals and families seeking treatment with skills to lead self-sufficient and fulfilling lives as productive members of their community. Click to learn more >

Older Youth Services

SAFY’s Older Youth services promote healthy development and prepare youth emancipating from the foster care and/or juvenile justice system for self-reliance and independent living. Our highly trained staff help youth master an array of skill sets that are essential for the transition from foster care to adulthood, including safe housing, employment and education. Click to learn more >