Foster A Child

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the requirements of a foster parent?

Foster Parents must be at least 21 years old, have adequate income and be in good physical and mental health.

  • Foster Parents need to be willing to support foster children relationship with their biological parents. Foster Parents must cooperate with SAFY’s efforts to reunite children with their families or prepare these children for permanent homes through adoption.
  • Foster parents can adopt their foster children. The Foster-To-Adopt program is designed for families willing to foster a child with the hope of adopting.
  • Foster Children are placed in foster homes by matching the needs of the children with the foster parent's strengths. Foster Parents are never asked to accept a foster child you are not prepared to help. You select the level of needs and age group of the children you would like to foster.

What types of kids are waiting to be placed in foster care?

Answer: SAFY children come from all walks of life. Children of all ages, origins, ethnicity and backgrounds are waiting to be fostered. The majority of children in foster care have been exposed to traumatic experiences ranging from parental alcohol/drug abuse, family violence, and other forms of emotional, sexual, physical abuse and/or neglect. As a result, many children struggle with behavioral, emotional, or medical issues. All of these children need a loving family and a place to call home.

How long do foster children stay in a foster home?

Answer: Foster care is often a short term solution. Children can stay in a foster home anywhere from an emergency placement (24-48 hours) to years, depending on the individual circumstances of the child and the foster home. There are situations where adoption is in the best interest of the child.

Does it cost a lot of money to be a foster parent?

Answer: NO! Foster parents receive monthly compensation per child and reimbursement for expenses, including room, board, clothing and incidentals. Foster Children are insured for medical and dental services.

What types of people are foster parents?

Answer: Everyday people just like you are fostering children. Foster Parents are people who are willing to be role models and can provide a temporary home to children who cannot live with their birth families. Foster Parents are people who are willing to take the time to make a difference in a child’s life.

What is the process?

Answer: The length of time will vary, depending on the procedures involved in each situation. The process usually includes:

  • Attending an informational meeting.
  • Completing an application.
  • Attending a training program.
  • Participate in a home study with a staff member from SAFY.

What is a home study?

Answer: A home study is a collaborative effort with the family to help determine if foster care will fit their family lifestyle. In the home study, the staff member will assess the potential foster home and complete a written summary on the strengths, skills, behavior, attitudes, stamina and any other qualifications that will help deal with the challenges of foster parenting.

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