Foster A Child


Being a Foster Parent has many emotional rewards. In addition, we offer the following benefits:


Foster parents receive a competitive reimbursement rate determined by the individual needs of each youth placed in care. For the convenience of the foster parents, the reimbursement is paid semimonthly. Foster parents can select payment options of direct deposit or a U.S. Bank AccelaPay pre-paid VISA/Debit card.


Foster parents are provided with specialized training to ensure that foster parents have the skills they need to be effective parents. In order to obtain licensure, foster parents also undergo CPR, first aid and de-escalation training.

24/7 Staff Support

Experienced, licensed professional staff members are available to provide crisis intervention and emergency consultation any time, day or night.

Paid Respite

Respite care service provides foster parents with planned periodic time away from foster youth. Respite is provided by other foster parents or families recruited by SAFY to provide respite.

Referral Incentives

Monetary referral incentives are offered for foster parents who recruit other foster parents who become licensed. The amount varies based on state regulations.


SAFY organizes annual foster parent conferences, a variety of fundraising activities, summer picnics and other events for foster parent networking, additional training and fun. Foster Parent can also choose to become a member of the SAFY Foster Parent Advisory Board.