Therapeutic Foster Care

Our Therapeutic Foster Care services provide a stable home environment with adults who care for and believe a child can achieve their full potential. SAFY equips families with tools, such as parental skill building and behavioral coping skills, to ensure a child’s physical and emotional well-being. Foster parents serve as Agents of Hope, a mentoring bridge between youth and their biological or adoptive family, which secures a child’s future.

Traditional Foster Care Therapeutic or Treatment Foster Care
Goal Care and protection with focus of change on parents. Treatment occurs outside of the foster home. Child requires treatment-level care with focus of change on both parents and youth. Care provided in a family enviornment.
Focus of Services Permanency, safety and well-being Permanency, safety and well-being in addition to trauma healing, parent skill building, school success and coping skills.
Staff Support One foster care worker assigned to a child and foster parent. Highly-qualified clinical staff support and train foster parents, biological parents and youth providing 24/7 crisis support.
Qualifications N/A Accreditated by the Council on Accreditation. Practices consistent with Foster Family-based Treatment standards.

Our TFC services support youth from newborn to age 18+ with cognitive or behavioral problems, developmental delays, aggressive behaviors, special medical needs including autism, who require support to manage complex trauma issues stemming from abuse and/or neglect and removal from their home environment.

As a result of our care:

Positive Future

of foster youth feel more positive about their future.

Dignity and Respect

of foster youth say they are treated with dignity and respect.

Treatment Plan

of foster youth participated in their treatment plan.

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